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Advanced Technology for Oral Care

Technology gives us the ability to provide you with the best quality oral care. We use both the Galileos device and digital X-rays to get a better picture of your mouth and its condition.


Galileos is a device for dentistry that has the ability to take images of your facial bones and teeth. With normal radiographs there are limitations, but Galileos allows for a thorough investigation. It can take images from multiple angles and then develop them into three-dimensional images.

In some cases, you may have a digital X-ray taken instead of using the Galileos device. A digital

X-ray uses sensors connected to a computer to take images of your mouth. These are safer as they use only 10% of the radiation used in the past and require no chemicals.


Regardless of the method used to evaluate your oral health, you can be assured that you will receive the most affordable and complete oral care with a smile. The staff at C. Scott Buonanno DMD has the knowledge, experience, and friendly demeanor you desire when visiting a dentist.

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